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Sarah A. Miller, PhD

Welcome to Moment in Mind. I’m Dr. Sarah Miller, a licensed Counseling Psychologist (CA – PSY25468). I am excited and honored to help women in tech build themselves into the people they want to be.  

My services focus on building personal and professional wellness. I help women thrive and build lives they are proud to live. This can involve gaining insights into your values and priorities, expectations you hold yourself to (and how those might be helping you or not), navigating difficult personal or professional relationships, or ending the struggle with perfectionism or anxiety. The struggle is real, but there’s hope. 

Using short-term evidence-based therapy, I help people build the skills they need to optimize their daily living, feel more confident about solving problems and making tough decisions, and managing stress and difficult emotions. I have thousands of hours of training and years experience helping people from all walks of life with just about any sort of problem you might imagine, from exploring how to find a fulfilling career to helping combat Veterans.

And, my specialty is helping people get on their way fast. Services are targeted, strategic, and short-term.