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Sarah A. Miller, PhD

Hello and Welcome! 

I founded Moment in Mind to help women in technology. We serve people from startups in various stages from Seed to M&A/IPO to people from Google, Facebook, Lyft, Uber, Electronic Arts, AmGen, GenenTech among others.  Women in technology go through unique struggles and we endeavor to help them quickly navigate the challenges they endure.

Mental well-being helps women succeed financially which helps the world. 

I want to help women become millionaires.  I want to help female millionaires create more female millionaires and female billionaires.  A network of female wealth will move the world.

My approaches to both coaching and therapy are based in Evidence-Based and Online Practices which were honed during my time at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the largest employer of Psychologists and the pre-eminent practitioners of Evidence-Based Therapy in the country in addition to being leaders in telehealth practices.  

I served as a National Program Coordinator in the Evidence-Based Psychotherapy (EBP) division where I was the first author for the manual for Problem Solving Training for hundreds of primary care psychologists across the country where the goal of the training was to have maximum impact in the smallest amount of time. I practice a combination of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Problem-Solving Therapy (PST).

Thank you for stopping by and please say hello below!