How we can help

Our specialty is utilizing evidence based practices to help women struggling with anxiety/life stress, fear of failure/perfectionism, founder/entrepreneur stress, and building healthy habits.

Anxiety/Life Stress

You’re trying to do it all. But, the overwhelm, anxious thoughts and feelings are taking over and getting in the way of you bringing your strengths to the world. 

You might have thoughts like, Just calm down – everyone else seems to be ok, Why can’t I just get it together? or Once this project is over, things will calm down and get back to normal. Except, normal never seems to come. 

We can help. We can help you build and put into practice the skills and perspectives that can retrain your brain to process stress and anxiety in ways that let you move forward. 


Fear of Failure/Perfectionism

You’re trying so hard, yet feel like you’re failing at everything. By external measures, you’re successful. But on the inside, you feel like you’re on a slow march toward failure. Your inner dialogue is constantly tearing you down – Why are other people so successful and not me? If I lower my standards, I’ll never achieve anything great, or If they only really knew me, they’d see I don’t belong here. Spoiler alert: you’re getting in your own way. Oh great, now I have another thing to beat myself about!

There’s hope. We can work together to retrain your brain to approach building your future from a place of problem-solving and hope, not fear and pessimism.

Founder/Enterpreneur Stress

Being an entrepreneur is a unique experience. You used to feel liberated by entrepreneurship. But now, the stress is relentless. If only you could catch your breath. you might tell yourself things like, If only I figured out the right time management system, found the right hires, meditated daily, got enough sleep, exercised, ate right… then I’d get things under control. 

Here’s the thing: the stress probably won’t go away. But, you can learn to manage it better, develop more helpful perspectives, improve problem-solving and decision making skills, and enact self-care habits that can level-up your entrepreneurial game. 

Building Healthy Habits

Change is hard. Whether you’re trying to exercise more, develop a healthier relationship with food, meditate regularly, get more sleep, or all of the above. It can be so easy to stay put, stay the same, when there are so many reasons not to change – too much work, not enough time, not enough motivation, or too much Netflix.

You can do this. With research-supported methods, we can help you develop the mindset required to keep you on track. We’ll work together to clarify what changes are important to you and the why behind them, in ways that support your success. Couple that with accountability, and we can get you to where you want to be. 


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